Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jordan and Brad

So this bride calls me up, and asks if I can make a groom's cake shaped like kettle bells. No, this isn't the set up for some "guy walks into a bar" joke, it is just a slice of a typical day at Gateaux. Turns out, Jordan's fiance owns a hard core gym, where they use extra-special implements of torture in their workout routines. Sure enough, upon walking into my own (significantly wimpier, sorry Matt) gym the next day, I spied a pair of these bad boys in the training room. Of course the ones at my gym weren't quite the size of these, but then, we're getting back into that bad joke territory.

Anyway, I met the lovely Jordan, and loved the look of her wedding plans, so we quickly sketched up a crazy-beautiful offset stacked wedding cake to stand next to the kettle bell cakes. We also designed an awesome invitation for her. Round! How cool.

Thanks to Noah Wolf Photography for the great pictures of both cakes, including some from later in the evening after someone tried to lift one of the Kettle Bell cakes up by its frosting handle. Now, we're good over here, but not that good. You can imagine the carnage. I've been assured it was well after the guests had seen the cake, and all was well. Thank God, I wasn't around to see it myself, oh the horror! Cake abuse.