Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lobsters Mate for Life

Sarah and Andrew have impeccable taste. Their wedding colors were antique gold with accents of pumpkin orange and fuchsia. Their aesthetic, classic and timeless. Their invitations, letterpressed brocade (one of our favorite custom invitation jobs of the year, so elegant). Sarah looked the part of Audrey Hepburn at her wedding...classic...timeless.

Now, when it comes to cake, these guys get it. The cake introduces the start of the reception. It announces that the party is about to start, so what better than to cover it with edible confetti? Keeping in the same color scheme that we used for their invitations, menus, place cards, etc. we made the cake antique gold, soft white pumpkin and a tiny bit of fuchsia. So still incredibly classy, but fun!

So when they approached me about making a groom's cake that was in the shape of one of the buildings on the college campus where they met, I was intrigued, but felt it was a bit stuffy to be sitting next to our confetti cake. After all, these guys were young, energetic, and quite a lot of fun to hang out with. Then, Sarah mentioned that she calls Andrew her Lobster. A little strange, yes, but there's a cake in there for sure! Turns out, Lobsters mate for life. Who knew? Well, I guess Sarah and Andrew. So when I pitched the "lobster hot tub" cake to her, she was all over it. More importantly, it was too good to share with the groom just yet. So we surprised him with the cake.

I will say, it was a challenge to make the little crustacean couple "cute", so once we completed sculpting them, and attached their veil, bow tie,and a glass of champagne and gin and tonic in their little claws, we decided that they were best described as "cugly" (cute, ugly, you get it). Sarah agreed when she stopped by a few days before to pick up her programs, and take a sneak peek.

Speaking of sneaking, we love that photo that Shelly Mosman sent us of Sarah sneaking a taste of her wedding cake. I've never seen a more adorable bride. Thanks Shelly for all of these great shots!