Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Sweet 16

How strange,
Two months ago, Gateaux had never done a Sweet 16 cake before. Now, we've done two.
Yara's sweet 16 party was a beautiful poolside affair at her home. The weather threatened rain, and it held off until 5 minutes before the party started. Being the high-maintenance cake lady that I am, I had the coordinator kick the caterers out of the only semi-covered area around the pool as soon as I heard the party was to go on outside despite the sketchy forecast. Paid off in spades! When the skies opened up, and everyone headed for cover, I hung out with this little beauty, and slid it back an inch at a time further under the overhang until the rain passed and the party started.
The rest of the evening was beautiful, and the party went off with no further hitches, and a bone-dry cake!

What inspired the design? A sixteen year old with impeccable taste! Yara loved the Parisienne cake on our website, but didn't want her birthday cake to look too much like a wedding cake. We were working through this problem, when she saw an elliptical shaped cake in our portfolio. We merged the two designs, added a ton of red rosettes (thanks to my awesome full-timer Jenna) and there it was! I just love, love, love it! Happy birthday Yara! Same time next year?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sara and Freddy

Classic Glamour. That's what best described Sara and Freddy's wedding. When I met Sara, she brought in copies of her beautiful wedding invitations for inspiration. Well, when they're that beautiful, we'll just flat-out copy them! All of the black detailing on the cake came from somewhere on the invitations. Note to self: black royal icing is NOT forgiving. Tell that to the top tier that had to be refondanted at 7:00 the night before the wedding.

Anyway, despite a few bumps in the decorating road, the cake is one of the most beautiful I've ever had the pleasure of taking credit for. We added the frosting bows to get the accent of Robin's egg blue incorporated into the cake design, and I can't think of a prettier finishing touch.

Thanks to the incomprehensibly talentedstudio 306 for their delicious photos of the cake, check out their blog for more pictures of this fabulous event!