Friday, January 23, 2009

Mindy and Brad at the Walker

I just love it when a couple lets me run with a theme. Now, these two had anything but a "theme" wedding. They had an amazingly tailored, elegant affair. The reception just happened to be held at the Walker Art Center. Now, I'm not a native Minnesotan, myself, but I have lived in the Twin Cities for 19 years (damn that makes me sound old!) and I take quite a lot of pride in my chosen home. Now, New York has the Chrysler Building, the A Train, the Empire State, and innumerable other icons related to it, Seattle has that Needle-y thing, St. Louis has it's arch (one hell of a claustrophobic ride if you want to get to the top might I add). To me, Minneapolis has the Cherry and the Spoon. And what luck, to have a couple whose reception is right at that location. Even luckier to have a groom, who mentioned that he thought it would be cool to have the cake look like the sculpture.

While the entire cake as the cherry and the spoon was a little over the top for such an elegant affair, the two of them did agree that a miniature sugar version of the sculpture would make an understated, but unique cake topper. I couldn't agree more, so we had a cake topper.

But we also had a design scheme to carry through to the invitations, the Save the Dates, the cocktail napkins, menus, etc. I quickly sketched up a few versions of the Cherry and Spoon for the two of them to consider for the invites, and we landed on a really cool stylized representation to include in all of the stationery elements. Check it out on the tag to their Save the Date cards below.

I'm lucky to have clients who let me play around with stuff like this. Quite often, I have a bride in the shop who says "I just want to have 10 weddings so I don't have to choose just one cake". To which I just have to laugh to my lucky little self and know that I have about three weddings per weekend, thanks to my wonderful clients who are good enough to share them with me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Damn, These Bitches Can Bake!

If that's how you feel about Gateaux, let your voice be heard. Here's the story...Every year, Minnesota Bride hosts an online vote for the best wedding vendors in Minnesota. Some years we win, but most years we lose out to companies that do much higher volume in wedding cakes. It's one of the few disadvantages to remaining "stubbornly small" in order to offer our brides the best personal service in the business. So, this year, we're asking for your help! If you're a fan of what we do, take a few minutes and go to MN Bride and vote for the Best of 2009. You must vote for at least six of the categories in order for your vote to count, so this gives you the chance to give a nod to your favorite florist, restaurant, hotel, etc. too. The winners are posted in MN Bride's Summer 2009 edition. It's a great PR thing for our little cake shop, so if you enjoy peeking at our work on the blog, we'd love your support!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'll have the BLT with a side of Happily Ever After

Sometimes it's the groom's cake requests that get our attention first. That's a little odd, because we only make groom's cakes for weddings that have already booked a wedding cake with us. We're just too small of a company to be taking random cakes here and there, so we keep our time available to those three wedding clients who we book each weekend. So when this bride called up and asked if we could make her a groom's cake that looked like a turkey sandwich, we were intrigued enough to convince her that she needed an equally fabulous wedding cake. She agreed, and the rest is history...except that the sandwich request was switched to a BLT (he must have given up on the diet).

Don't forget the wedding cake! What a great color scheme for a wedding. Our bride's just keep getting cooler!