Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ann and Jon

Ann's mom Linda called me about cakes for the wedding, but before we knew it, we were discussing invitations. Sometimes, I work in reverse. Anyway, Ann and Jon wanted something clean and classic, but Linda wanted something with a little personality. Once I met Ann, it became clear...this girl was refined, elegant, but way too much fun for a boring traditional invitation. We chose several different stripe motifs, and a pair of love birds, from one of my letterpress albums, then let their designers run with it. Much to my surprise, Ann chose pieces featuring different stripes, and motifs, rather than having the entire invitation suite match. The cake lady is entirely too "Type A" to have seen this as an option, but once the set came together, it was delightfully non-matchy match. I'll be encouraging others to do the same!

Now, onto cake(s)...

How can a girl possible settle for one cake, when she has all of these beautiful invitation motifs to play with? Luckily, Linda brought in a photo of a most interesting wedding cake display. Not one cake, but 5 wedding cakes, some single tier, some two tier, and one three tier in the center. I quickly sketched up my dream cake buffet for them, and they let me run with it!

Linda decided to nest the cakes in a bed of Hershey kisses rather than a fussy display of floral, making the display, once again, clean, tailored, but FUN!

The only downside to this business, is that once the wedding is over, your busy with a whole crop of new weddings. Some people need to have multiple weddings so that I can work with them over and over again. What do you say Linda?