Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can Paper be Delicious?

Yes, grasshopper, yes...
As a lot of our clients already know, we're huge fans of good wedding dresses. What's not to love? They make our brides look gorgeous, and often give us amazing source material (no pun intended) for designing our cakes.

One of our favorite designers is Monique Lhuillier. She is responsible for the likes of our "Margeaux" cake as well as many of our Alencon Lace designs. The embroidery, fabrics, and techniques she uses are so beautiful and diverse, that we relish every time a bride gives us the opportunity to knock off one of her dresses with a cake.

The exciting news is that Ms. L. has just come out with an amazing line of wedding invitations. As soon as we heard, we made the necessary nagging phone calls, and now we are proud to offer her invitations in our portfolio of letterpress and artisan stationery companies.
Now, while none of us have actually tasted them...yet. They are indeed delicious. How, you may ask? How about beautiful 100% heavyweight cotton papers, letterpressed or engraved with designs inspired by couture wedding dresses. Yummy.

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