Friday, September 5, 2008

What happened to the Kitty cake.

A lot of our faithful clients have commented on our appearance on the Food Network "Dr. Seuss Cake Challenge" this past March. The most common question is "when are you going to do another?" The answer is, "not so sure". While the great crew over at the Food Network has contacted us in regard to doing another challenge, we just haven't had the time to get back for another taping. Insiders to Gateaux, also know that we actually practiced, baked, and brought the cakes, supplies, cake stands, colored fondant, chocolate paste, airbrush colors, rice crispy treats, and other accoutrements for not just the Dr. Seuss cake, but a backup cake (as the contract to use the Seuss name had not yet been signed when the challenge was taped). Long story short, we, in our ultimate Gateaux Type A fashion, spent day and night for three weeks planning, practicing and racing the clock to learn to complete both of the cake designs in 8 hours flat. When we arrived in Denver for the taping of the show, we still didn't know which design (Green Eggs and Ham, or Three little Kittens who lost their Mittens) we would be competing with. We surely hoped that it wouldn't be the lesser practiced, and still not quite-figured-out Kitten cake. Luckily, the show went ahead as a Dr. Seuss challenge, and we didn't have to create the Kitten cake in competition. However, the sheer torture of having to practice two cakes of that magnitude, with uncertainty lingering over us took its toll. Upon arriving back in Minneapolis after the show taped, a smiling Rice Crispy Treat Kitten popping out of an 18" diameter cake shaped like a pie greeted us at the shop. It hadn't been disassembled from our practice run a week prior. Like all good stressed-out cake women, we resisted temptation to drag the nearly 60 pound chunk of stress to the dumpster. Instead, we carefully planned its demise. So here it is. Poor kitty.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, now, that could get my husband to go into cake decorating as his next career. Too funny!