Friday, September 19, 2008

Courtney and Ash Spice it up!

So I get this phone call from a woman named Lynn, who is looking for a groom's cake shaped like a Bottle of Tabasco Sauce. Turns out, she's actually not insane, she's just got this daughter who fell in love with a Tabasco Junkie.

Courtney and Ash had a beautiful wedding with the most unique color palette I've seen in a while. They jokingly referred to them as Florida Gator colors, but the whole look was just beautiful. We incorporated their colors into the main wedding cake, and, of course, whipped up a giant bottle of Tabasco Sauce (Chocolate, not spicy, sorry Ash). They finished the night with a surprise fireworks display for their guests. Some people just know how to throw a party.

Thanks to Lace Hanky Photography for sending us these awesome pictures.

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