Saturday, July 16, 2011

Amber and Katy Perry?

Okay, this is actually Amber and Randy's wedding cake, but stay with me people.

When I met with Amber, her mom, and her awesome wedding coordinator Stephanie from Table 6 productions, I instantly knew I wanted to make this wedding cake. Well, not instantly...about 7 minutes into the appointment to be exact.

That's when Amber pulled out of her bridal file, not only the photo of her lovely wedding gown, awesome sparkly shoes, but.....wait for it, people....a photo of Katy Perry.

Now, those of you who know the cake lady, know that her taste in music is nothing short of a little wacky. On any given day, you might hear Etta James, Natalie Merchant, Cake (of course), Greenday, or G Love and Special Sauce playing at the bakery. It wasn't until a few years ago, though, that I discovered Katy Perry, after seeing her don a fruit dress at the Grammys. Any girl who can keep a straight face, and work it, while wearing glittered bananas and strawberries has got my undying admiration and respect. I quickly borrowed her CD from Jenna (cake girly number two) and never gave it back.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see Ms. Perry in someone's wedding file. But it was her dress that intrigued Amber. A beautiful little ombre number fading from blue to purple. While the bridesmaids would be wearing black at Amber's wedding, the rest of the decor would be inspired by this ombre effect. Lighting, floral, and of course, the cake!

I immediately agreed, and we designed a cake that I had absolutely no idea how to do. It would have the outline of the pattern that trailed down Amber's train, but the sides would be airbrushed ombre from blue to purple sheen. Awesome....terrifying....Awesifying!!!!

Better yet, we would do a dessert/candy buffet that would also transform from blue to purple. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Much to my dismay, the combination of the cake and dessert buffet made the delivery too extensive for me to wear a fruit dress to the wedding, maybe next time.

Thanks to Ruth from Happily Ever After for these lovely photos!


Linda said...

Oh! The perfection is killing me!

Anonymous said...

We loved our cake so so MUCH! It was perfect and exactly what I had in mind...not to mention delicious as well! You guys are amazing!