Sunday, November 7, 2010


Ashley's dress was a beautiful overpiped lace...and no, it wasn't pale teal. Funny, her bridesmaid's dresses weren't that color either. It was an accent color to the Hot Pink Bridesmaid's dresses, and when she expressed interest in letting us combine it with her dress lace on the cake we were thrilled!

As those of you who follow our blog know, we're pretty good at matching lace in frosting. Each lace has it's own signature pattern and technique, so each lace cake is a unique opportunity for me to obsess over the fine details and intricacies of what makes that particular pattern unique. That way, we're not making just a lace cake, but a cake that is an exact match to the wedding gown. And, yes, people do notice it!

Especially nice, was the fact that Ashley's groom, Matt, took the time to come back to the shop to give me advice on where to go and what to do in China! He lived there for a year, and knew all about it. I just love my endless resources with these incredible clients of mine!


SweetThingsTO said...


M. Cello said...

Word on the street is that you got a picture published?

Jenniffer said...

This cake is gorgeous! Thsat lacework is incredible!

Evil Cake Genius said...

Yes, this cake is in the current issue of Town and Country Weddings Magazine. Congratulations Ashley and Matt!