Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christopher and Santhi

When I met with this couple, they requested a more sculptural, natural-looking cake. As we discussed the wedding further, it became clear that there was no other option for them, or me. It was a perfect marriage (excuse the pun) of cake and wedding. They would be married outside, with the reception in a room showcasing that same beautiful landscape through an entire wall of windows.
The cake would need to bring the outdoors in.

Funny, when I heard the word "sculptural", I instantly thought of a cake layout that I'd seen recently, and been dying to try. I sketched the layout on paper and they loved it too! Then, I took a chance and suggested that we make the cake look like tree trunks, complete with bark and tree rings on the tops of the tiers. They loved it, and even produced a copy of their invitation (self-designed) that had a concentric ring pattern motif that was a modern art representation of tree rings, even overlapping in a way that looked like a top view of the cake I had designed. Spooky. But AWESOME!

We stole the color scheme from the invitations, added some flora and fauna, and we were ready to roll. Only question was how to top such a fabulous cake? I suggested a frosting bird's nest, Christopher thought a little house for the animals. I drew a little mushroom-capped gnome house (thank God for Google) and we had our topper.

Luckily, their wedding landed on one of the very few weekends of this summer where there was niether rain, nor sweltering heat. We set up the cake elevated above a bed of moss that they got for us, and even got to overhear part of the ceremony before we went on our way.
Thanks to Graddy Photography for the enchanting opening image!