Friday, September 17, 2010

That woman can paint!

Colleen and her groom wanted an argyle cake. We're in!

We had a great time working up some sketches of Argyle cakes at their appointment, but once they got a load of some of our previous cakes, they simply cut loose. How about houndstooth, a bow tie, perhaps, pinstripes! Best part was, that Colleen's mom had painted them a card box for the reception in argyle, checks, and the most beautiful gold-edged stripe. Once they pulled up a photo of the work in progress, I was sold. That woman can paint!

Once the cake began to take shape, the groom suggested making the whimsey orange flowers come to life by giving them faces (a la Alice in Wonderland). But knowing that the couple had two little Dachshunds at home made me giddily suggest that we wrap the weiner dogs inside two of the orange flowers (dog's in a blanket style).
They agreed, and we added two flower-dogs, resulting in another donation to the ASPCA, our "Pet" Charity at Gateaux.

When they came in to pick up their cake samples, they brought the box along for me to see. It had an Irish wedding blessing painted on the inside of the lid, that we just couldn't pass up. So, we made a fondant ribbon with the blessing on it, and added it to the top tier.

When we got to the reception, the cake was set up in the main entry, right next to the card box. And, while the cake lady rarely gets to see the guests of honor on their special day, she does get to see the reaction of the banquet staff while setting up the cake. This cake got the best compliment I can remember receiving in some time. We hear lovely things from people all the time, but how often do you get to hear that your cake is "Bad Ass"? Not too often my friends. But thanks to one poetic server, this baby earned the title. So thanks Colleen and family, for helping to design one Bad-Ass wedding cake.

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SweetThingsTO said...

This cake is just stunning. I love it - the details, patterns and the offset is simply amazing!