Sunday, August 22, 2010

Carly, Mike, and JR

When Carly met Mike for the first time, she mocked him for his designer sneakers. Intrigued by a girl who wasn't afraid to mock Gucci, he asked her out. Fast forward a few years, and we get to make their wedding cakes, complete with a fully designer groom's cake!
Of course, we made those fateful sneakers out of sugar, but added a few of his other favorite things to the frosting mix...his watch, favorite cigars and some champagne corks. We've done single shoes before, remember "It was the shoes...", where we recreated Jan's leopard skin pump and Brian's van sneaker? But we've never had to complete a matching pair before. Those Italian shoemakers have my respect...matching pairs are a bitch to pull off!
For the wedding cake, we went with chic horizontal stripes. A tricky maneuver in it's own right, but loved the concept, so we went ahead with it. And covered the cake with frosting peonies, ranunculous and hydrangeas. Add a frosting version of they're beloved JR (look closely on the upper left ledge) and we get to make another fifty dollar donation to the ASPCA!

Unable to bring JR to the reception (unfortunately, canines are still discriminated against in black tie affairs)he, instead sprung for the favours. Each sweet little box included two chocolates molded in the shape of Milk Bones, and a note from JR. I just love the doggy people!

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SweetThingsTO said...

Awesome shoes - it's always so hard to do a matching pair. Great job! And I love the color palette of that cake - just a gorgeous and happy cake!