Friday, December 18, 2009

Quinn and Mike

Quinn and Mike were married at Chambers hotel in downtown Minneapolis. We decided that the silhouette of the wedding cake should be a spiral so that the bubble decorations could flow effortlessly to the top. It was a challenge to get the angles of all three cakes consistent across three diameters, but the final effect was well worth the effort. Thanks to Studio 306, I have this incredible photo to share with you all.

I had to snap this picture, myself, to show off the crazy cool art hanging in that room. I've never had a better backdrop for a cake.

Mike's groom's cake was a riot to make. The pizza box cake was a first for us, and en entirely confectionery slice of pizza and "greasy" napkins were pure entertainment for us in the kitchen.

Once the whole thing was set up at the hotel, the gracious groom saw shorty-cake me struggling to get an overhead shot of the cake. When I returned from talking to the caterers, he had snapped this awesome top view with my camera for me. Thanks Mike!


megan said...

Love this one!


Brandy L said...

O M G ! Those are gorgeous! I love the 3 tiered angled cake, that is absolutely stunning! That would be a hard cake to cut into. The pizza at first glance looked so real, i was confused at first why you were showing a box of pizza. Then i realized Oh it's a cake! :-D

Anonymous said...

LOVE it. This is not too crazy but classic and gorgeous!! -Jenna