Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rhys and Raj

Rhys was one of those brides who thoroughly enjoyed the process of her wedding from planning to the actual wedding day. Every phone call or email from her was just plain fun. It was great to be able to debut our latest "Magic Phil" creation on her wedding.
You see, Rhys originally contemplated having a wedding cake shaped like an elephant in honor of her groom's heritage. Once we sat down and saw all of the beautiful elements she was incorporating into her wedding, there were simply too many to pass up, so the elephant cake fell by the wayside. Instead, I found this awesome gold elephant plant stand, and ordered it in especially for the occasion.

The stand was fabulous, but too tall to put on a table. Enter "Magic Phil" who happened to have a beautiful piece of walnut wood that he had no plans to use. He built us the base for the elephant (the steamer trunk hardware was his addition) and a custom fitted round cake plate that attached to the elephant (now named Lakshmi, for an elephant that Rhys rode in India).

We just loved the reaction photos that Studio 306 sent from the wedding. As cake people, we're gone before the guest's arrive, so we rarely see the guests enjoying our creations. I'm always amazed at the incredible artistry in all of Studio 306's work. They're amazing!


Cake Fixation said...

Wow! Amazing cake.

SweetThingsTO said...

Gorgeous cake and I just love that cake stand!

Premyscakes said...