Sunday, March 22, 2009

Justin and Krista Part 2

But our bride wasn't done with me yet. A surprise groom's cake was in order as well. You see, the groom travels a lot for his job, is a native Canadian, and proposed to the bride, while in Hawaii, by writing his proposal in the sand. Sounds like a lot to get onto one cake, but when the cake looks like a stack of suitcases, it's hardly enough.

So we added a couple of frosting dog collars and tags peeking out of one of the suitcases to honor the bride's dogs who come along with them quite frequently in their travels. The top tier, let's just make it into a cake shaped like a crate holding another cake shaped, and hand-painted to resemble their favorite champagne. For Canada, we had to honor the great northern tradition of Ketchup chips (don't ask me, just google it)a favorite Canadian delicacy of the groom's. For personal affects, we included frosting replica of the groom's Minnesota Twins ball cap as well as a copy (again, frosting)of his favorite AC DC money clip, complete with frosting canadian money.

Set the whole thing in a base(hand made by my father in law "Magic Phil") filled with brown sugar and white chocolate seashells and you have it! Proposal and all.

Looks like he liked it.
Again, thanks to Olive Juice Studios for the fab shots!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous details!!! This cake is awesome!! Everything looks so real and I love the little touch with the sand and the lei representing their Hawaiian proposal. Absolutely perfect!