Saturday, February 14, 2009

A snowy delivery day

I love winter weddings! Everything is less stressful for a baker in the winter. Our arch nemeses heat and humidity are on hiatus, and the cakes love it. Plus, there are less weddings per weekend, so we get to take our own sweet time and enjoy decorating the cakes at a relaxing pace. The only trick is when, as in this December and January, it seemed as though there was a snowstorm every Saturday. Okay, I take it back... I only like winter weddings. So, here are two cakes that, though the weather outside was frightful...made it to the reception on time.

Laura and Sandeep had a dreamy winter wonderland reception at the Carlson Rotunda. We met with them earlier in the year, and they really let me play around with unusual elements like using Oval tiers, offset stacked to one side, allowing the snowflakes to flutter asymmetrically down the side of the tiers. The hidden gem on this one, however, was a frosting replica (not to scale by a longshot, he's huge!) of their dog Captain. We gave him a pale blue frosting scarf for the occasion. You have to look closely, but he's there, hiding among the snowflakes on the second tier.

Dori and Andrew had their reception Downtown St. Paul that same snowy night. They were both here for the wedding from London where Andrew is a Grenadier. We just couldn't help ourselves. We had to pitch them frosted Grenadier cookies as favours, and they agreed, they were a must-have.

The cuteness was almost overwhelming, so we balanced it with a cake modelled after Dori's amazing wedding gown. We pleated the fondant and copied the lace and ribbon embroidery from her bodice. The vase on top was frosting, but it could still hold fresh flowers. We just loved the glamour.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wedding cakes! I absolutely love the blue one with snowflakes. Very magical!