Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mr. B.

Okay, anyone who knows the Evil Cake Genius knows that her one weakness is the doggies. Bring me within 20 feet of a fur ball, and I turn into a babbling, cooing, cuddling mess. Hand me a baby, and I freak out. Those things are terrifying. And kids, ooh, don't get me started. They're little Petri dishes, just crawling with germs. But give me a slobbering, butt sniffing dog, and I'll roll around on the floor with it for hours. My own dog, Speck, is truly what makes me human. She brings out all the best in me, and has turned my husband and I from a "couple" into a "family".

That's why I fell in love with Melanie, Andy, and Mr. B.

When Melanie and Andy came in for their cake appointment, they were a dream to work with. The wedding reception would be held at the fabulous Graves 601 Hotel, and they really just let me run with it. We sketched up a couple of designs, but the one that I really adored, was based on this incredible lit wall that is part of the Graves' ballroom decor.

I've always wanted to imitate that wall, but not quite literally. With the couple's color scheme of metallic taupe, silver, and navy blue, I recalled a table setting that I had torn out of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine several year's earlier. The table was set with a Mosaic "runner" of polished rock tiles. I didn't expect them to get it. After all, we went from a cake, to a wall, to a tile table runner...but they got it...and loved it. We added two enormous gumpaste orchids to the design to echo the veritable "orchid forest" of centerpieces that Wisteria Design did for the reception, and we had a knockout cake!

Only, something was missing. It wasn't until they saw another cake in my album that was topped with one of our hand-made frosting doggies, that it came to them. Mr. B.! He must be represented, after all, he was the missing piece of their puzzle.

And the story goes like this.

Melanie and Andy's relationship was on a break. She offered to help his parents out with something up at their cabin one weekend, and Andy was there. They went to a mutual friend's bonfire that night, and out of the woods, walked Mr. B. He was a stray. Covered in wood ticks, and pitiful, but so sweet. The friends said that he had been trying to sleep in everyone's garages, and they were planning to take him to the pound the next day. Melanie took one look at that sweet boy, turned to Andy, and said "I will stay with you forever if you take him home" Andy replied "Get him in the car now!" and they have been a family ever since. I'll pause for you to collect yourselves now...

We contacted Andy's mom (official doggy day care provider) to get some photos of Mr. B. She informed us that mere photos wouldn't do him justice, put him in the car, and brought him in for a face-to-face. And she was right. From his one floppy ear, to his charming disposition, you really have to meet him to see just how great he is.

We took a full photo shoot, and I spent the afternoon sculpting him out of Chocolate paste. Jenna made him a frosting bow tie, and he was ready for his close up.

Melanie and Andy's wedding was beautiful. We set up the cake, a beautiful dessert display, and thankfully, Kelly Brown Weddings was there to capture the evening for us.

We're certain that Mr. B. is happy with his new family. And, as per Gateaux policy, the full price of his frosting likeness was donated to the ASPCA.

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CookingwithVictoria said...

Oh how cute!!! My heart melted when I saw Mr. B, especially in the bow tie! Absolutely gorgeous!