Monday, March 8, 2010

My Niece and Brides Magazine

We're so excited to be featured in Brides Magazine's latest cake article. It's on the news stands now, but we've been waiting what feels like a lifetime since the photo shoot in October.

We've had cakes featured in Brides before, and really get a kick out of having our little beauties show up in such a great magazine. This one was particularly satisfying for a couple of reasons. First, they weren't promising that any of the cakes that were brought in for the feature would make it through to the final layout. Last time we brought one to them, it was in an article called "America's 50 most beautiful cakes". This time, they still had 50 brought in, but (much to my surprise) the cover of the magazine called this article "23 cakes we love". We're honored to have made the cut!

But mostly, we're excited to have this particular cake featured. You see, we often get calls from magazines asking for cakes, but they are usually tied around a particular theme. Rarely, are we allowed to simply submit whatever our little cakey hearts desire. This was one of those rare opportunities. Turns out, I had just seen pictures of my Niece, Megan in her Homecoming dress about a month before the shoot. I fell in love with the pattern on her dress, and seeing as she is completely awesome, I thought it would be fun to base a cake on her.

Of course, as all of these grand ideas go, there were a few bumps in the road. Well, not so much bumps, as just a really, REALLY long road. All of the Applique on that cake had to be cut by hand, with an exacto knife to properly imitate Megan's dress. Doesn't seem too daunting, until you start cutting out each individual petal, and then have to take them all apart, and try to eyeball them back together on the side of a cake. About 60 hours of labor later, Voila!

And you should have seen my face when the box containing one of the tiers got jammed in the x-ray machine at MSP international airport. Not a pretty sight (or sound) but the cake made it just fine.


Scate said...

Whenever I talk about wedding cakes - i love to say that Gateaux is the only place in the twin cities that makes cakes worthy for the big bridal magazines! Congrats - it's a great cake.

Unknown said...

Wow! Amazing cake. Congratulations on the publication Robin!