Saturday, March 27, 2010

It better be a girl!

We met Cindy a few years ago, when she was hosting a baby shower. We made the most adorable patchwork jungle animal themed cake and cookies for that event. So, when she called this year, we knew we had our work cut out for us. This time, the shower was for her daughter...Cindy is going to be a Grandma! They already know it's a girl, and this shower is going to celebrate all things frilly, girly, pink, and precious!!

I'm in.

Cindy sent me a picture of a cake with three layers of garrett frills in varying shades of pink. It was a single tier cake and it had a frilly bassinette piped on the top of the cake. The cake was the perfect starting point to launch an amazing baby-girl-fest cake design. We changed the bassinette into a three dimensional bassinette, then decided that maybe the entire top tier should be the bassinette. We added a white teddy, a rattle, and a middle tier covered in hand-cut and piped eyelet.

There are so many times when I have to restrict myself on wedding cakes. After all, they can't be too girly, there is a groom, after all, and the kiss of death to a wedding cake design is if I deem it to be too "baby showerish". For that reason, we had a blast, unleashing all the too girly, too delicate, and too pink for a wedding cake ideas that have been swarming around my cakey brain for too many years.
Add some precious bassinette shaped cookies, and some teddy bear ones (for the men at the party, a little less frilly, but just as delicious) and we were ready to roll.

Now, I've seen some pretty awesome reactions to cakes in my day, but Cindy, well...she takes the cake. While trying not to peek until the cake was completely stacked, she accidentally looked up from her gift wrapping and caught a glimpse. The only reason I know this is because she let out a little shriek, and ran from the room. When the cake was ready, she came back in and was positively giddy. On the car ride back to Minneapolis (we delivered the cake 2 hours away) Jenna, my coworker, pointed out that she'd gladly drive every cake we ever made 2 hours away for a reaction like that. I can't help but agree.


SweetThingsTO said...

oh wow - How gorgeous! Those basinette cookies are amazing!

Anonymous said...

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