Saturday, July 23, 2011


The cake lady's got style. There's no denying that. Unfortunately, my style is limited to the world of all things cakeable. The rest, we'll leave to that talented few, whose parents, in their infinite foresight knew to name them things like Coco, Donatella, and Yves. My parents had a thing for birds, I guess, which stopped my potential for a career in fashion dead in its tracks by the time I left the delivery room.

Jasmine, a different story.

Jasmine had her "people" (sister Tahlia) call me to arrange a fabulous, designer 21st birthday cake worthy of her impeccable style. I was intrigued by the prospect of designing for a designer, so I sketched up an homage to all of her favorite things. The Chanel purse, nail polish, Dior lip gloss, and Juicy Couture charm bracelet were a gimme, but we felt the need to acknowledge this little Diva's own love of design. It turns out, our Jasmine has her own line of couture goodies, so we added a dressmaker dummy with her label "sewn" to it, as well as her Vaio laptop that aids her in the design process.

Of course, these items could only be properly carried in a "Big Brown Bag", so we had ourselves the perfect cake!

I will say, that upon talking to our little Jas, I couldn't help feeling a little "Diva" myself. She calls me "Miss Robin" in her awesome New Zealand accent, frequently refers to "glittering her knickers" when she's excited, and loves when I curse on "Amazing Wedding Cakes" because it "shows how much I care". I really do think I love her....

One more little addition to the cake, a frosting ipod, with of course, Madonna's "Vogue" on the screen. Go Jasmine, you've definitely got it down...and by the way, you rocked your little white pleated baby doll dress and emerald green sparkly shoes at your birthday party.

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CookingwithVictoria said...

Wow! That cake looks amazing!!!! Great job on the details! :)