Saturday, May 14, 2011

Otters Holding Hands

So, we get this call. Her name is Rachel, and she has an idea for a cake, but her and her fiance have done some research, and have decided, that we're the only ones who can make this cake without risk of it being "creepy". No pressure.
As soon as Jenna got off the phone with Rachel, she went to Youtube, and followed the bride's instructions. This is what we saw.
Those of you who don't know the cake lady personally, you must know this. I've never met an animal that I didn't think was absolutely adorable. I once took a boat tour to "Stingray City" in Grand Cayman. While others on the boat were quite freaked out by the stingrays, who, by the way, like to rub up against your legs like cats, I found them nothing shy of adorable. Majestic, yes, exotic, you bet, but to me...adorable. The captain of the boat showed us each individually how to get one to perch on our outstretched arms, by feeding them calamari. When I saw that stingrays yellow eyes peering up at me, I instantly started speaking in tongues of baby-talk and cooing. Captain Andy had never seen anyone react quite like that, and thought I deserved to drive the boat back to shore. Sweet. But scary for the rest of the passengers. The cake lady likes to drive fast too. But that's another tale.

Back to otters, who...are cute to EVERYONE. I met with Rachel and Chris shortly after that phone call, and found them to be as charming, creative, and all around awesome as I'd expected, based on the Otter video. We designed a cake that would be worthy of such a topper, complete with waterfalls, water lilies, turtles, frogs, Koi Carp and a pair of owls, their other favorite critters.

Of course, we had to give the boy otter a bow tie, and, since Rachel wasn't wearing a veil, we gave the girl otter a little calla lily bouquet. The otters sat on my baker's rack for a little over a week in varying stages of completeness. I must admit, that by the time I put them on the cake and delivered them, I was a little heartbroken to see them go. That is, until we arrived at the wedding venue, and I opened the box, only to see our sweet Rachel tearing up at the sight of them. I have a feeling that our little otters have found themselves a good home.

Thanks to Michelle Huber Photography for sharing with us these amazing photos!


CookingwithVictoria said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! The cake is BEAUTIFUL!!! And the video is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I love the reaction of everyone, especially the woman looking at the cake when you are bringing it in. :) Great work!

Michelle Huber said...

This cake was not only a huge conversation piece at the wedding with everyone oooing and aawing, but it tasted amazing. It was so fresh and moist! You ladies are AMAZING!!!

Sarah Carlton said...

i want this cake so bad at my wedding :(

Meghan Martinez said...

Where did you get that pink chef's coat? (totally off topic, I know)

Evil Cake Genius said...

They are Chefwear chef coats. You can find them at

Raising Arizonans said...

These otters are adorable! How did you get the "wet coat" effect?