Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Sweet 16

How strange,
Two months ago, Gateaux had never done a Sweet 16 cake before. Now, we've done two.
Yara's sweet 16 party was a beautiful poolside affair at her home. The weather threatened rain, and it held off until 5 minutes before the party started. Being the high-maintenance cake lady that I am, I had the coordinator kick the caterers out of the only semi-covered area around the pool as soon as I heard the party was to go on outside despite the sketchy forecast. Paid off in spades! When the skies opened up, and everyone headed for cover, I hung out with this little beauty, and slid it back an inch at a time further under the overhang until the rain passed and the party started.
The rest of the evening was beautiful, and the party went off with no further hitches, and a bone-dry cake!

What inspired the design? A sixteen year old with impeccable taste! Yara loved the Parisienne cake on our website, but didn't want her birthday cake to look too much like a wedding cake. We were working through this problem, when she saw an elliptical shaped cake in our portfolio. We merged the two designs, added a ton of red rosettes (thanks to my awesome full-timer Jenna) and there it was! I just love, love, love it! Happy birthday Yara! Same time next year?

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Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

This cake is amazing! The Mario Bros cake is still my favorite, but that's probably due to my 80's upbringing. I will definitely be following your blog for inspiration in my dessert table designs.

Keep up the yummy work, ladies!