Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let's not call it "sweet" 16.

For anyone who still thinks that sweet 16 parties are about cinderella coaches and tiaras, snap out of it! Zoe's 16th birthday party was quite honestly the coolest birthday party I'd ever seen (yes, it even surpassed my husband's surprise 30th party at Chuck E Cheese's in Edina, and mind you, that was cool. No really, it was.)
Her design scheme was everything a sweet 16 party doesn't bring to mind. Black and red decor, with grafitti panels on the walls, a (virgin)Bloody Mary bar, Oxygen bar, dueling DJ's and Cirque de Soleil style aerialists performing from the ceiling. I kept losing Jenna during the set up. She was glazed over muttering "coool, oh, cooool" for long periods of time.

Now, we knew this was going to be an awesome party from the first time I met her planners. So the pressure was on for THE MOST AWESOME CAKE EVER. So, based on a photo of a particularly well-vandalized alley, we began our design. It was supposed to be a skyscraper shape covered with airbrushed grafitti, until we decided to airbrush "grafitti skyscrapers" on the sides of the cake to create a skyline. The coordinators thought the statue of liberty would be a good addition to the design, so we Googled our fair lady and came up with the look for the bottom tier. Apparently some enterprising tagger has designed a stencil of the statue to quickly tag buildings with her likeness all over New York. So, we made our own Stencil, and drew up the sketch of the cake without ever considering how we would pull the look off (that's pretty much how we do it over here at Gateaux, if I only designed cakes that I knew how to do, it would get pretty stagnant creatively, and what fun is decorating when there is no imminent feeling of terror and "what the hell was I thinking when I pitched this?"

Luckily, the cake didn't only turn out exactly how I pictured it (rarely happens), but it was so fun to do that after airbrusing and painting the forty-odd frosting buildings for a day, I was disappointed that I didn't have more to make. I'll just have to hope for another girl as unique and cool as Zoe.

By the way...her reaction to the cake. My favorite cake comment ever... "That cake is SICK". For those of you as old and lame as me, that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??!?! that is the coolest thing I have ever seen! okay there are some close calls but this is def top 3 cakes I LOVE!! I am so jelous!!

-Jenna #1

Joe Federer Photography said...

That is awesome - what a sense of place. And the colors - get out of here!