Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'll have the BLT with a side of Happily Ever After

Sometimes it's the groom's cake requests that get our attention first. That's a little odd, because we only make groom's cakes for weddings that have already booked a wedding cake with us. We're just too small of a company to be taking random cakes here and there, so we keep our time available to those three wedding clients who we book each weekend. So when this bride called up and asked if we could make her a groom's cake that looked like a turkey sandwich, we were intrigued enough to convince her that she needed an equally fabulous wedding cake. She agreed, and the rest is history...except that the sandwich request was switched to a BLT (he must have given up on the diet).

Don't forget the wedding cake! What a great color scheme for a wedding. Our bride's just keep getting cooler!

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