Sunday, August 10, 2008

Don't you just love when they match?

When you do the kind of crazy custom stuff that we do over here at Gateaux, there can be an whole lotta' clashing cakes in one fridge in any given week. But every once in a while, the cake gods smile down upon us, and for no apparent reason, there is refrigerator harmony, even with three wedding cakes in there! This was one of those rare weeks.

While all three weddings were quite unique in their own style, they looked really cool together in our humble Coldtech fridge.

Here's a shot of Alison and Toby's Casino themed reception cake (married in Vegas, if you hadn't guessed). Also, Lacey's beautifully graphic, ultra chic cherry blossom look and Michelle's over the top guilded (yes, that's edible gold) number.

Okay, okay, the football helmet cake didn't quite fit the fridge motif for the week, but it was a damn good surprise to Michelle's CSU-crazy groom!

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